Founding statutes of the Club

§ 1. Name
The name of the Club is “Ishøj Volley & Beachvolleyklub” – which in short can be named as “Ishøj Volley”.
The Club has its home in Ishøj Kommune, 2635 Ishøj.
The Board of the Club has the responsibility for which Organizations the Club has a membership of – including Danish Volleyball Association, DGI and Ishøj Idrætsråd.
The logo of the Club and the clothes equipment is white-blue-green.

§ 2. Purpose
The purpose of the Club is to offer interested people to practice volleyball and beachvolley on as many levels as possible, and to offer a social and binding community around the interest.

§ 3. Membership
As a member everyone can be accepted who can commit to the purpose of the Club and will follow the statutes and regulations of the Club.
As a member you have the right to seek your playing desires to be met, and has the obligation to take part in resolving the tasks in the Club.
The Board can exclude a member who continously fail to pay his fees to the Club. In the case that the Board has to exclude a member for other special reasons, the person has the right to get the exclusion reconsidered at the first coming annual meeting.

§ 4. General Assembly
The annual meeting of the General Assembly has to be held before the 1st May and has to be announced by at least 14 days of notice in connection with the publishing of the acitivities calendar.
The General Assembly is the highest authority in the Club. Voting rights have every member over 15 Year, and for under 15 Year-aged a parent or parental authority pr. famliy. Voting rights have only those who have paid their fees to the Club and have been members at least for 30 days.
Proposals to be adopted by the General Assembly shall be presented to the Board 7 days before at the latest.

The agenda is:
1. Election of chairperson and responsible for the minutes.
2. Annual reports from Board and Committes are presented and approved.
3. The annual account is presented and approved.
4. The Board’s draft plan for the coming year, as well as the budget-proposal, including fees, are presented and approved.
5. Decision of other incoming proposals to the General Assembly.
6. Election of auditor and a Board according to §5.
7. Possibilities.

Extraordinary General Assembly may be held if the Board or 1/5 of the Members wish, and has to be announced with 8 days of notice.
The General Assembly takes its decisions with normal majority, but 2/3 majority if changing the founding statutes.

§ 5. Board
The General Assembly decides the size and the composition of the Board. However, the Board must consist of at least 7 members. The Board constitutes itself with an Executive Committee composed of a president, a vice-president and a treasurer and up to 2 other members.
The Board can decide to employ office assistance in order to help it with the management.
If one or more members leaves the Board before the end of the period, and if there are no elected alternates, the Board complements itself until the next General Assembly.

§ 6. Finances
The economic dispositions are handled by the Executive Committee.
The fiscal year is from 1. January to 31. December. The annual account is audited and certified by an elected auditor and presented to the ordinary General Assembly.

§ 7. Dissolvement
The Club can only be dissolved if it is adopted at two consecutive general assemblies with 2/3-majority of the attendees.
In the case of dissolvement all assets are given to Ishøj Idrætsråd, where the assets are kept at least 3 years for a possible restart of activities following the club’s purpose.

Adopted at the founding meeting on 20th September 1996. Amended by the Extraordinary General Assembly 6/12-1996. Amended at the General Assembly 27/11-2001. Amended at an Extraordinary General Assembly 12/3-2002. Amended at Annual General Assembly 5/11-2009. Amended at Annual General Assembly 5/4-2011. Amended at Annual General Assembly 28/2-2017.