IVB dollar rules

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On efforts in the club and their recognition

Ishøj Volley & Beachvolley Club is based on voluntary work and on a principle that there should be consistency between what you give to the club and what you enjoy from the club – in other words that those who make an effort in the club also should be appreciated for their efforts.

Therefore, efforts are rewarded by the club with IVB-dollars which the member can use to reduce its payment of expenses of the club, such as payments for trips, membership fees etc.

IVB dollars rules:

1. IVB-dollars (Ishøj Volley & Beachvolley Dollars) are points which only members of Ishøj Volley can earn.

2. Members earn IVB-dollars by doing tasks that are beyond necessities of their own team’s activities. Excluded are thus for example washing of own team clothes, referee and secretary tasks in connection with own matches etc.

3. Which tasks that are covered by IVB-dollars are decided by the Board.

4. One-hour task is equal to one-IVB-dollars. Rounded to the nearest whole hour.

5. The system is based solely on self-reporting. You will have to report your activity that deserves IVB dollars, by a written notice, sms or email, to the Treasurer who is book-keeping the IVB- accounts.

6. This reporting is to be done continously on ishojvolley.dk/ivb and at this place it is possible to see the status of the account.

7. IVB-dollars cannot be paid in cash – but can be used either in the club as payment for your expenses or paid by providing bills on expenses that the club can pay out according to the rules of tax free payments from a sports club, for example sport goods, petrol, telephone etc.

8. Coaches are covered by the rules of IVB-dollars. In connection with the conclusion of a Coach Contract an estimation of hours used by the trainer are agreed. Assistant coaches are included with half weight.

9. Referee tasks at home arrangement are covered by rules on IVB dollars, with double peaks. One match to three won sets is covered with 6 IVB-dollars.

10. The Board shall at the end of a financial year decide how much one IVB-dollar is worth in kroner. This decision is based on an overall assessment of the club’s economic opportunities.

11. Earned IVB-dollars has to be used in the following calendar year at the latest. IVB-dollars not used before this deadline are cancelled. IVB-dollars can only be used while one is member of the Club.

12. The Board presents the IVB-accounts for the approval of the General Annual Meeting.

Adopted at the General Annual Meeting on 5th November 2009.
Amended by the Board 03.01.2010
Amended by the Board 25.03.2012
Amended by the Board 10.01.2015
Amended by the Board 12.12.2017