Rules for the Club House

Here you can see which days the Club House is booked and here you can book it for your volley event. Here you can see the cleaning plan. And here you can see who has keys.

Danish version

Jægerbuen 2A

1. The club house Jægerbuen 2 A is provided by Ishøj Kommune which means that the rules for all club houses are also applied for this clubhouse.

2. Only members of the Trampoline Club Viben and Ishøj Volley & Beachvolley Club can use the club house in accordance with the statutes and purposes of these two clubs.

3. At meetings and team events where it is expected that no other members are present, the house must be booked in advance via the link, where you can also see a calendar of bookings of the club house.

4. The club house may not be loaned or leased to private or commercial purposes or events.

5. At all events in the club house, there must be a leader who is responsible for:
a – Alarm switch off/on at arrival and when leaving the clubhouse. False alarms must immediately be reported to Ishøj Varmeværk (see phone number and code at the door).
b – That the clubhouse is left tidy and clean.
c – All lights are off, both inside and outside when leaving.
d – All windows and doors are securely locked, and the alarm switched on, when leaving.
e – All irregularities are reported immediately to the volleyball club secretary on, tel 25 17 13 12

6. For events with overnight stay the fire authority has to give a written permission. Please aske The Volley club secretary who has to apply for this 14 days before the event.

7. Smoking should not take place in the club house.

8. Noisy behavior is not allowed outside the club house during the period from 22 to 08 – also the windows and doors are kept closed during this time if there is noise inside.

9. Stove, oven and kitchen must be left cleared and cleaned. Washing machine and tumble dryer must be left emptied and cleaned. Toilets must be left clean and with 2 rolls of toilet paper.

10. The dishwasher has to be started when you leave the club house, also if it is only half full. Arriving guests are expected to empty the dishwasher.

11. Since we are responsible for all cleaning ourselves, outdoor footwear must be left in the washing room and should only be used on the mats in the entrance room. Pets should not be taken into the house.

12. Consumption of toilet paper, soap, paper towels, cleaning products is controlled by Ishøj Idrætscenter, where we have to get new materials. Dishwasher tablets and rinse aid we must buy ourselves.

13. Kitchen waste must be placed in the green container outside the front door. Glass and bottles must be removed immediately after the arrangement and put to refund automat or recycling container.
Big waste – also carton – can be placed next to the green container – on the Sunday before the 4th Monday in every Month.

Last updated 09.03.2014

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