Cleaning plan

Weekly 2 hours – procedure:

1) Toilet cleaning:
– put toilet cleaner / anti-lime in the wc and let it stay for at least 30 Minutes

2) Vacuum cleaning:
– vacuum clean all floors – entrance, toilets, wardroberoom, kitchen + living room including under and behind sofas.

3) Wash of vertical and horizontal surfaces:
– use 1 dl. ‘multi-cleaning’ for a bottle of water
– wash tables in kitchen + living room
– wash doors in the kitchen, including doors on fridge
– wash wc and wc board
– wash sinks and watertaps in entrance and kitchen.

4) Mirror
– polish the mirrors in the entrance with glass cleaner.

5) Stove:
– if there is hard dirt on the glass ceramic stove, use the scraper. Hereafter put glassceramic cleaner on, let it dry, and polish with dry towell or napkin

6) Floorwash:
– use 1 dl. ‘multi-cleaner’ in the blue bucket + the mop
– mop the floors in kitchen-living room + the toilets.

7) Remove and change:
– remove waste bags in kitchen and entrance
– remove too old food from the fridge
– put up clean towels and tea towells and dishcloths (from the little washroom)
– put all the dirty clothes in the club’s white laundry basket in the wardroberoom
– put one toilet paper + 1 extra toilet paper in each toilet room
– put soap in the soap automats (key is hanging in the wardroberoom)
– put paper napkins in the napkin boxes (key is hanging in the wardroberoom)

8) Check our supplies:
– do we have dishwasher tabs, dishwasher salt and dishwasher rinse aid?
– do we have glass ceramic cleaner for the stove?
– do we have glass cleaner for the mirror?
All this we buy ourselves – please buy it and give the receipt to the treasurer.

In the little washroom:
– do we have enough supply of toilet paper?
– do we have enough supply of paper napkins?
– do we have toilet cleaner / decalcification?
– do we have multi cleaner for floors and surfaces?
– do we have cleaning bags for the vacuum cleaner?
– do we have waste bags for the kitchen?
All this we ask for in Ishøj Idrætscenter og transport it ourselves to the club house.

Thank you for today!

Occasionally more detailed cleaning:

– Wash and dry the Club’s laundry from the basket in the wardroberoom and put it in place in the little washroom
– Wash of lamps and furniture and TV
– Wash above and inside cabinets and drawers
– Wash inside fridge
– Wash oven and oven plates
– Cleaning behind washing machines and tumble dryers
– Decalcification of coffee machines
– Decalcification of dish washer
– Barbecue and other outdoor equipment.

Users’ cleaning rota 2015-16:
10-11.oktober: Rafal
17.oktober: Marcin
25.oktober: Sebastian
31.oktober: Nikola
7.november: Robert
14-15.november: Relyea
21-22.november: Kacper
28-29.november: Przemek
6.december: Vincenzo
13.december: Maciej
10.januar: Tomasz
16.januar: Rafal
23.januar: Sebastian
31.januar: Nikola
6-7.februar: Mitch
13.februar: Relyea
20.februar: Kacper
27-28.februar: Przemek
5-6.marts: Vincenzo
12-13.marts: Maciej
19-20.marts: Mitch