Liga: 1-dags stævne i Lund

Dato / tid:
lør.17.09 / kl.07:15-20:15
Hvem: Sted:
Högevall Idrottshal


We will drive at 7.15 precisely, from outside swim hal.
Remember passport or ID for passing the border.
Local currency is SEK, swedish kroner (0,78 of a Danish krone).

Information from the organizer:

Tournament on Saturday
First matches are at 09.00 so be there at 08.00.
All matches will be played to 2 won sets, except the final which will be to 3 won set.

There are 2 groups of 3 teams, winner goes to semifinal and 2,3 will play 1/4 final against 2,3 from the other group.
Please bring your own balls for warm up
Matches are played on short court so not much room for spin serves.

Parking best and cheapest at parking place Arena-Park, Stadsparkgången, 22221 Lund.

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